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Fail-Safe Hiring

Assuring Talent Acquisition
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  • Fail-Safe Hiring

  • If you are looking at acquiring talent quickly, at optimal cost and robust quality, we can help you with
  • Relevant Strategic insights
  • Configuring the right organization
  • People required to run it
  • Processes to realize it
  • Right social platforms to execute

    • Fail-Safe Recruiter

    • The evolution of a FAIL-SAFE RECRUITER
    • Initiate
    • Foster
    • Hone
    • Educational Institutions and Corporates desirous of sculpting FAIL-SAFE recruiters may get in touch with us.



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About The Author

Raghunath Ramaswamy (Raghu) is the Founder and CEO of Spectrum Consulting. He has a Masters in Mathematics from IIT, Delhi. His career has roots in software development, customer support, sales, and marketing. He was quite the rolling stone for the first ten years with stints punctuated in the United States, the Far East, and the Middle East.

He joined HCL Technologies as part of their Resource Management Group in 1995. A happy accident in his life helped him develop a deep and abiding interest in recruitment and talent acquisition. The role at HCL Technologies was demanding. Stakeholders across the globe had to be serviced. The role emphasized that the needs of customers were sacrosanct.

It was in this role that he felt a compelling need to articulate a transparent framework that would help recruiters execute professional responsibilities with ease.

It was with this express goal that Raghu set up Spectrum Consulting in 2004. He would spend the next 8 years building world class ATS and resume parsers.

Spectrum Consulting was a start-up, much before the era of start-ups in India. The initiative was bootstrapped. Fuelled by the conviction of ideas, it had the unmistakable sweat equity of its founder. Raghu architected the Pranav suite of products with a lot of thought and care.

Recruitment consulting has been another important line of business since Spectrum Consulting’s inception. Raghu has also been training and coaching recruiters. Social media and LinkedIn fascinate Raghu. An ardent admirer of LinkedIn, he evangelizes LinkedIn. The book FAIL-SAFE HIRING is the latest initiative of Raghu. This is an effort to share his experiences accrued over the last 25 years as a practitioner.

“To Raghu, the journey is more important than the destination.”