Fail-Safe Hiring

Where competence is imbued as a part of its responsibility towards nurturing its employees

Fail-safe Hiring has taken the road less travelled and demonstrated thought leadership in the recruitment and talent acquisition space through its widely accepted book, Fail-Safe Hiring written by Raghunath Ramaswamy, the Recruiter’s Friend, Philosopher and Guide at Fail-Safe Hiring.

The organization is uniquely poised to unveil a slew of services piggybacking on the book Fail-Safe Hiring.

The services include but is not limited to 

1.    Specialized training programs targeted for the Talent Acquisition Space

2.    Recruitment Process Consulting

3.    Leveraging LinkedIn for Talent Acquisition

4.    Employer Branding

5.    Personal Branding

6.    Permanent Placements

Our services are targeted to the Retail, Corporates and the Educational Institutions.

We guarantee an experience that will enrich the employee beyond measure. 

We are committed to nurturing our employees to become employable and stay relevant for the rest of their professional lives!!

Essential characteristics of our prospective employees

1.    Integrity

2.    Have a genuine interest in humans

3.    Do not get bored with repetitive transactional activity

4.    A Learning mindset

5.    Clearly communicate 

6.    Transparent

7.    Reasonable command of English

8.    Persevering

9.    Organized

10.    Detail Orientation

11.    Ability to network and nurture relationships

12.    Ability to handle pressure

We are eager to work with 

1.    Entrepreneurs who have tried an infinite number of ideas and never got tired

2.    Professionals who have had a break in their career

3.    Housewives on a career break itching to get back to work

4.    Professionals in other streams who are keen to become recruiters

5.    Experienced recruiters who want to have experiences in Training, Process Consulting and Social Media Consulting

6.    Eternally  young at  heart  who  think  age  is just a  number

We have several positions open

1.    Recruiting Interns

2.    Marketing Interns

3.    Recruiters

4.    Trainers

5.    Social Media Marketers

6.    Sales Managers

7.    CSR Professionals who want to add value in the space of Employability

If you are interested in any of these positions, do send a brief note detailing

1.    Why do you want to work at Fail-Safe Hiring?

2.    What are the specific skills that you have to offer?

If you are a recruiter, please respond to Recruiters Health Check,, download a PDF copy of the report and mail it along with the answers to the above two questions and send your response to