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Attributes of a Good LinkedIn Photograph

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One of the critical aspects of building your brand and establishing your identity is a good photograph. There can be no compromise on your profile photograph. It appears in several places on LinkedIn, in search results, in groups, in the inbox, on your public profile on the internet, and establishes an image and identity of you.

The following are the attributes that can enhance the LinkedIn profile picture:

  • make sure there is one that is of you
  • professional photograph and not a personal one
  • make it warm, friendly, and inviting
  • head and shoulder shot
  • like online dating – people are more likely to connect with people they see

Some tips on the attributes of an acceptable passport size photograph, courtesy, website of Department of State, USA, have been produced here for ready reference. 

You could use these recommendations for your LinkedIn profile photograph.

If one does not have an excellent professional photograph on LinkedIn, make sure you invest in one without any delay!